Choose Life 40 Day Prayer Vigil Update

Dear Friends of Life,

Our local Choose Life 40 Day Prayer Vigil continues at 3rd Ave and Nicola beside the Cathedral and diagonally across from Royal Inland Hospital. Each day from 10 - 20 people pray indoors and out for a change in culture to life affirming action and legislation. Abortions, euthanasia, and assisted suicide are happening in our local hospital. By standing outside, we are raising awareness to individuals who pass by. Maybe some are contemplating such deadly acts for themselves or vulnerable others.

We have only had competition on one day so far and it is Day 19 today. On Day 15, three women, one with an infant in a snuggly, stood at 3rd and Columbia with Pro-Choice signs. We noticed an increased number of positive reactions to us with our Choose Life and Life is Beautiful signs that day and since. God works in mysterious ways!

Have you seen the Choose Life 40 Day Prayer Vigil paid advertisement in the Kamloops Daily newspaper? It has been in 3 times and will be again if the funds are available. $247 per day, we have run it on Fridays. If you would like it to run again and are able to assist, contact .

Please continue to pray for life at home, in your church or join us from 3-6 pm in Sacred Heart Cathedral and 3:30 - 5:30 pm outdoors. Please mark Sunday, November 5, 3-6 pm on your calendar as there will be a final event, a Candle Light Vigil, with special prayers and activities.

Like us out on Facebook. You do NOT need an account to see Choose Life Facebook page at or google Choose Life Kamloops to find us.

Check the link below for some of the activities in 24 countries that are observing 40 Days for Life.

Submitted by Kathy Dahl