Bishop's Response to B.C. Forest Fire Crisis

Bishop Joseph wishes to share a letter with the diocese  speaking on the matter of the wildfires that are raging in the province and the present declaration of the state of emergency.  Please see the following transcription or download the official letter at the end of this message.
For our parishes, please make this letter public.  Thank you.

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July 14, 2017
My brothers and sisters in Christ, 

The Government of British Columbia has declared a State of Emergency due to numerous wildfires that are burning out of control across our province.  In our diocese, several communities are under evacuation order and some others are under evacuation alert, most notably Williams Lake and areas south of Quesnel. 

For all of those who are affected, particularly the evacuees, we pray that you will find God’s comfort and peace at this time.  We also ask our entire diocese, the local Church, to pray for the safety of our firefighters as well as the evacuation and relief teams.

We also encourage your support in providing relief to evacuees.  Please check with your local charities and regional district office regarding volunteering, providing food, shelter, or donations.

Thank you for your prayers, generosity, and support at this difficult time.  Through the intercessions of our patrons, the Immaculate Heart of Mary and St. John Vianney, we pray for safety and peace to be upon our diocese and our province in this time of adversity.

With Prayer,
Most Reverend Joseph P. Nguyen
Bishop of Kamloops

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Information on evacuation orders and wildfire statuses can be found at the following websites:

Interactive Map
BC Wildfires Map

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