Can Lent Be Exciting? YES! believe that this year, Lent can be more than you expected it to be!  It is inspiring, transformative, and as we die to ourselves, new life is reborn as we are resurrected with Christ on Easter Sunday.  This year, we want you to do something different;  we have several suggestions below to help you make the most of your lenten journey.  Click on the suggestions to see more information on each program or event.

  1. Best Lent Ever® with Matthew Kelly. DON'T GIVE UP CHOCOLATE FOR LENT THIS YEAR!  Do something different, do something exciting.  Dynamic Catholic has it's annual 40 days of emails with video and other dynamic content to help make this your Best Lent Ever. It’s FREE. It’s simple.  Sign up today.

  2. Article: Favorite Thing to do for Lent:  Katie Warner, a Catholic wife and mom, presents a simple practice of writing names on the lenten days of the calendar to remind you to pray for that person that day.  Other free resources are available on her page as well.

  3. Living Lent:  A brochure by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) to assist us in better understanding the purpose of Lent.

  4. Redeemed Online #Share LentMake This Lent Awesome!  Redeemed Online is once again offering free daily videos going through the Gospel of Mark.  View the video below, Sign up at the above link.

  5. Forty Days of Devotion - More interactive resources from Franciscan University including video, lock screen images for your cell phone, and music.

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