Bishop's Joseph's Message (June 2019)

Dear Friends in Christ,

As we are preparing for our diocesan 75th anniversary, we look back with gratitude and look forward with hope that what we have received we will continue to communicate the beauty of our Catholic faith in our diocese so that it can be received with enthusiasm and joy, as Saint John Paul II once reminded us, “Faith is strengthened when it’s given to others.” (Redemptoris Missio 2).

With so many challenges in our local Church, I truly believe God’s grace is always enough for us. However, we need to work very hard together, as St. Augustine reminds us: “Pray as though everything depends on God.  Work as everything depends on us.

We are grateful to those who have built our faith community. Everything that we have today: all of our facilities, churches, schools, gymnasiums, many organizations, and programs…comes from the effort and generosity of many parishioners in the past. In turn, we are invited to look forward with hope and generosity by responding this question:

Who keeps our churches and our schools open and alive?  God certainly, but never forget that God has chosen to work through his people.  If we do not remain generous in our commitment to God, his work through his Church is hindered.  It is simply amazing how our Church is alive and well when each and every one of us is generous to God and his Church.

May we enthusiastically work together for God’s glory in our Local Church.    

+Joseph Phuong Nguyen Bishop of Kamloops