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Sacred Heart Catholic School
serves students in pre-school through grade seven, offering quality learning in a nurturing and caring environment. Our mission and core values guide our actions each and every day. Focused on these core values and a tradition of excellence, our goals are to:

  • Shape the future
  • Nurture the body
  • Stimulate the mind
  • Foster creativity

Dedicated to the development of each student’s academic potential, physical wellbeing, and spiritual needs, the school is committed to providing an education where students become strong in mind, body, and spirit. The Sacred Heart community is committed to helping each student reach their full potential.

Experience the difference that will last a lifetime.

Mission: The mission of the Sacred Heart Catholic School is to deliver a high quality education aimed at excellence in academics, athletics, religion, and music, within the framework of the B.C. School Curriculum, the teachings
of the Catholic Church and the resources available to us to ensure happy, well rounded Children of God.

455 Pigeon Ave

Williams Lake, BC

V2G 4R5

phone 250-398-7770 Fax 250-398-7725
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