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The Immaculate Heart of Mary Shrine and Centre appeals to a basic human need:  the need for a place for quiet contemplation and spiritual renewal.
The Bible tells us that, since earliest times, men and women have sought desert places because they seem to foster the experience of intimacy with God.

Set in British Columbia's arid Thompson Basin, the Immaculate Heart of Mary Shrine and Centre uses the desert setting to help its guests reflect on the meaning of God in their lives.

What is the Centre for?

  • Individual retreats
  • Group retreats
  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Daily Prayer


  • 26 guest rooms with two single beds, shower and washroom
  • Chapel will accommodate up to 100 worshippers - the outdoor area is much larger
  • Small Chapel for reflection
  • Large conference room seats 100 people comfortably
  • Smaller meeting room
  • Comfortably appointed sitting room/library
  • Dining room seats 100 and serves wholesome meals and snacks
  • Outdoor Marian shrines for personal devotions
  • Resident Priest
1566 Stage Road

Cache Creek, BC

Mailing Address: Box 250, Cache Creek, BC V0K 1H0

phone 250-457-9930
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Fr. Udoka Christopher Nwosu

Mass & Service Times

Sunday Mass at 11am