Month of Mary

Month of Mary


Let us pray for Life throughout May, the Month of Mary, Our Lady of Life

With all that is happening in Canada from no abortion law to ever expanding euthanasia legislation, it

has never been more important to “pray without ceasing.” (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

Please consider making a donation to a Pro-Life charity.

Rachel's Vineyard is important resource in our Diocese.
St Vincent de Paul Society
Donation (direct donation to Kamloops)
St. Vincent de Paul Society 168 Briar Ave. Kamloops V2B1C1 (250) 554-0098 or 554-0050 (Cheque
or contact re: e-transfer)


Human Trafficking/Pornography:

  1. Brain Heart World: A 3-part Docuseries from Fight the New Drug - Pornography

  2. Defend Dignity: a catalyst to end sexual exploitation in Canada - Get Involved!  

  3. Talita: Helping women out of prostitution, pornography, and human trafficking for sexual exploitation and into a new life: learning from Sweden 

  4. Meghan Donevan: 10 Myths about Pornography: Lessons from Sweden


  1. Former Abortion Supporters Describe How Their Minds Were Changed?


  1. Rape victim chose life: