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Prayer for our CISKD Schools

Heavenly Father, down through the ages you have called your servants to build up Your house for Your glory.

Be with us as we build a firm foundation for the future of Catholic Schools within our Diocese. Protect those who work for this end. Reward the many friends of our school communities who have generously supported our schools in the past. Help build strong faith communities where the children’s faith will be safeguarded, and their academic education will be happily completed. We ask this through Christ Our Lord. Amen.



As part of our diocesan promotional plan for Catholic Schools, we will be having a special second collection taking place on the weekend of February 7, 2021. Each parish in our diocese will take part in this special collection, with the proceeds going to support the Catholic Schools within our Diocese. All members of our diocesan family promote and support our schools in prayer, time, talent and treasure, so that they may be centers of “faith immersion” for our children.