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During the crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and with the public celebration of Mass being suspended for the time being, some of our Diocesan priests have made the Masses that they are celebrating available through social media.  Here are some links to the Masses that you can you can attend virtually.  More will be added as they become available.  Thank you to all our priests who continue to minister, pray and care for us.  Please share these with everyone in your parishes.

Roman Catholic Diocese of Kamloops Mass will be live streamed from Sacred Heart Cathedral during Holy Week and celebrated by Bishop Joseph on:

April 5 at 11am - Palm Sunday Mass

April 7 at 10am - Tuesday Chrism Mass

April 9 at 7pm - Holy Thursday

April 10 at 3pm - Good Friday

April 11 at 8:30pm- Easter Vigil

April 12 at 11am - Easter Sunday  

Use these links to view:


Diocesan Website*: *Direct link on the website Home page  Click the Play button on the top right-hand corner of the page between Search and Contact.  This brings you directly to the RCDK YouTube page.   

Links to Diocesan Priests

Our Lady of the Mountains, Whistler – Fr. Andrew 9:00 am Daily Mass -

Holy Family, Kamloops – Fr. Fred 10:00 am Sunday Mass  

Sacred Heart Parish, Williams Lake – Fr Paul 11:00 am Daily Mass -