Diocese of Kamloops

                                                                                            BISHOP’S OFFICE                                                               

    May 22, 2020  

Dear Clergy, Religious and faithful of the Diocese of Kamloops,  

I am very grateful for your patient endurance and faithful participation in the Masses offered by live streaming and other virtual platforms.  Despite the limitations, difficulties and uncertainties surrounding us during this time of the coronavirus pandemic, I am amazed at all of you for making the effort to stay connected to the Church and for sustaining your spiritual lives.  

After consulting with the BC bishops and priests in our diocese, we will gradually reopen our churches to celebrate together the Sacred Liturgy, beginning this coming solemnity of Pentecost on the weekend of May 31, 2020.  

As we prepare to re-open our churches for Mass with the congregation, in a limited way since the COVID-19 pandemic still poses a serious threat to physical health, these considerations remain essential:  

  • Social and physical distancing and sanitizing;
  • Organizing communities for Mass, since the limit of 50 persons, which includes clergy, is still in force; and,
  • Demonstrating patience and kindness towards one another as we live out God’s commandment of love. 

Each pastor and parish must take responsibility for following the established Guidelines for Reopening of Masses with a Congregation and Provincial Health Authorities mandates, to make the appropriate adaptations for their individual communities depending on their size, space and resources.  Given the list of preparations and considerations necessary to reopen our church for Mass with a congregation, I ask for your patience, understanding and willingness to work closely with your pastor as we navigate our way through the implementation and process of putting these in place.   

Together we glorify God and carry on our mission with unwavering faith and certain hope in His promise this coming Pentecost, as He sends his Advocate and bids us, “Peace be with you. I am with you always.  As my Father has sent me, now I send you.”  

With trusting prayers,  

Joseph Phuong Nguyen

Bishop of Kamloops