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The 40 Days For Life Prayer Vigil began on Sept 28 with an healthy attendance of over 20 people outside of the Jubilee of Mercy Door at Sacred Heart Cathedral.  There has been some opposition who have placed themselves on the corner of 3rd and Columbia and the RCMP have visited both groups to ensure the safety of all participants.    

This vigil is open to all faiths who wish to join in prayerful support of life from conception to natural death.  Varying city parishes have sponsored certain days of the week with participants, but everyone is welcome to join on whatever day they can.  Bring a lawn chair, if needed and dress warmly for the chillier fall weather.  The Cathedral is also open for those who cannot stand, but wish to join in prayer or to simply warm up.

Visitors                           Young People
Visitors on the line   Young people are welcome

Spokesperson, Kathy Dahl has requested that more men attend the vigil as silent prayer warriors.  Children are also most welcome.  If you are passing downtown, please honk your support!  Thank you to all who have joined from the varying city parishes and even those who travelled from Merritt!

The Vigil will continue daily from 3:30 – 5:30 pm outside of the Cathedral Holy Door until Nov 6. Prayers and a different devotional are provided daily at the entrance to the Cathedral. Please register at as you will receive daily devotionals and updates. This prayer vigil is happening in 24 countries simultaneously!