In 1846 the Apostolic Vicariate of Oregon became the Ecclesiastical Province of Oregon and was divided into three Sees and five associated districts; OREGON CITY, Nesqually; WALLA WALLA, For Hall, Colville; VANCOUVER ISLAND, Queen Charlotte Islands, and New Caledonia.

Ecclesiastical Province of Oregon - established December 1, 1843
Archbishop Francois Norbert Blanchet 1843-1846

Diocese of Vancouver Island, Queen Charlotte Islands and New Caledonia
Bishop Modeste Demers 1847-1871

Vicariate Apostolic of British Columbia - established December 14, 1863
(formerly Queen Charlotte Island and New Caledonia)
Bishop Louis-Joseph D'Herbomez, O.M.I. 1864-1890

Diocese of New Westminster - established September 2, 1890: Bishops
Paul Durieu, O.M.I. 1890-1899
Augustine Dontenwell, O.M.I. 1899-1908

Archdiocese of VancouverArchbishops
Augustine Dontenwill, O.M.I. 1908
Neil McNeil 1910-1912
Timothy Casey 1912-1931
William Duke 1931-1964

Diocese of Kamloops - established December 22, 1945

Edward Q. Jennings 1946-1952
Michael A Harrington 1952-1973
Adam Exner, O.M.I.
(Archbishop of Vancouver)
Lawrence Sabatini, C.S. 1982-1999
David Monroe 2002-2016
Joseph P. Nguyen
Episcopal Ordination and Installation

August 25, 2016