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Creating a Safe Environment

Creating a Safe, Protected, and Accountable Parish Community

The Diocese of Kamloops recognizes the dignity and rights of all minors and vulnerable persons and is committed to ensuring their safety and well being in way that promotes their human dignity, integrity, and worth as members of the People of God.

The Diocese of Kamloops has committed itself to putting together procedures to ensure the welfare and protection of minors and vulnerable persons together with the welfare of those who work with them or are in a position of trust.

There is a statutory obligation to report a belief that a child needs protection from abuse.  In the event that a person under 19 needs protection, there are two steps to be taken.

Step 1:  Personally and immediately contact the local Ministry of Family and Children's Services (or delegated Aboriginal Authority) to report the suspected neglect, abuse, sexual misconduct or harm.

Step 2:  Contact the Diocesan Misconduct Policy Administrator or Alternate Misconduct Administrator and advise that a report to the Ministry of Family and Children's Service or delegated Aboriginal Authority has been made.

The Helpline for Children in British Columbia is 310-1234 (no area code is required)

Misconduct Policy Administrator:  Fr. Fred Weisbeck

Alternate Policy Misconduct Administrator:  Fr. Derrick Cameron
Phone:  250-267-9530

A copy of our Diocesan Protocol Guidelines is available to be viewed below. 


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