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Faith in Action

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


As we embark on Faith in Action Campaign 33, we are called to be 'Doers of Faith.'  To live out our faith, to be motivated by love, and to be moved to action, as we continue to build the Kingdom of God in our Diocese of Kamloops.


In this brochure, our objectives for Campaign 33 are laid out clearly and presented as effective ways for us all to be 'Doers of Faith' to provide education with Faith, to reach out, to serve and to evangelize.


Thank you for your generous participation, and for embracing this opportunity to bring the faith from deep within your heart to life and for truly being a 'Doer of Faith.'


Mary, Mother of Faith and Queen of Hope, pray for us.


 Joseph Phuong Nguyen

 Bishop of Kamloops



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