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Our Lady of the Mountains

Welcome to Our Lady of the Mountains Catholic Church on the web. We are located in the beautiful resort village of Whistler, British Columbia, Canada approximately two hours north of Vancouver.

Whistler Catholic community began in the 60 seat Skier’s Chapel, built and opened in 1968 at the base of Whistler Mountain, Creekside. At that time Whistler was an outpost mission of St. Christopher’s Parish in Mount Currie. The Skier’s Chapel would overflow out the doors at Mass time in the winter, and so the Catholic community began a series of other venues such as Rainbow Theatre in the conference center and the elementary school.

In 1992, the first full time priest was appointed to Whistler and Our Lady of the Mountains Parish was established. The first set of architectural plans for a church were replaced with plans for the multi purpose building we have today at the bottom of Lorimer Road. The first Mass was held on Christmas Day, 1996.

Our Lady of the Mountains parish list consists of approximately 70 families, half of those are local to Whistler. We welcome visitors from around the globe on a weekly basis with the church going half full during low season to standing room only at Easter and Christmas.

May our church be a place to worship, to rest, to learn, to meet new friends, welcome strangers and share in God’s love.

Whistler, BC

6299 Lorimer Road

V8E 0C5

Phone: 604-905-4781

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Fr. Andrew L'Heureux

Mass & Service Times


Saturday: 5:00 pm
Sunday: 9:00 am


Please check weekly bulletin


30 Minutes prior to Mass or anytime by appointment

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