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St. Ann's Catholic School

At St. Ann’s School, education goes beyond the purely technical and practical aspects of schooling and aims at an integration of all knowledge within a vision of the world and human person.  It focuses on the physical, emotional, moral and spiritual dimensions of human development, leading to a personal synthesis of faith and life in each student. 

We treasure our Catholic-Christian identity and values while welcoming all people of diverse beliefs, cultures and backgrounds.  Our staff and students foster a positive, disciplined learning environment based on treating peers and teachers with dignity and respect.

Our Mission Statement

To provide an environment enriched by our Catholic traditions and Gospel values, where each student is given the opportunity to strive for personal, intellectual, spiritual, and physical excellence as a responsible member of society and a unique child of God.

Quesnel, BC

150 Sutherland Avenue

V2J 2J5

Phone: 250-992-6237

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