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Vocations Director:  Fr. Derrick Cameron
Telephone:  250-372-2581

In addition to the universal call to holiness, there is a call to a few select men whom God is calling to serve in a unique manner.

Do you feel that God may be calling you to the priesthood?  If you are discerning your vocation,  you may want to talk to a trusted priest, sister, married person or single person.  Ask them questions; listen to their stories; see if there is something in those experiences that is meant to guide you.

You will encounter obstacles and challenges in every vocation, but you will not face these alone.  The God who calls, also walks with you.  Seek the counsel of those who have also walked this journey before you.

Our vocations director is here to assist you in your discernment.  Please call to make an appointment to discuss your call.

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